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Open all year round
(rain or shine)

Opening hours daily, including most bank holidays, from 8.30 am until late evening.
On special request even night rides can be arranged.

We offer:

  1. beach and country rides
  2. lessons
  3. organisation of special equestrian events
  4. rental of our facilities for special occasions
  5. other sports activities and attractions

  1. Rides through woodlands, across farmland, open country and around the lake Lago di Paola. Individuals and groups of up to 4 can come in any time giving us some prior notice.

    The rides are being led by Sabine (on the left) who is a skilled trekking guide (Accompagnatrice Federale - "federal hacking guide").

  2. We offer lessons for kids and adults, catering for riders of all ages and proficiency levels with our youngest riders starting at the age of five. Groups will not exceed 5. Private lessons are also available according to your specific needs.

    We have a variety of horses for first time riders, beginners, intermediate and advanced - we pride ourselves on matching the right horse to the right rider.

    Most of our horses are barefoot.

    Most lessons are being conducted by Gianni Pavia, who is a full-time professional certified equine trainer,
    but also Sabine (on the right) teaches some lessons. She has obtained the British Horse Societies basic examination and she attended a course on hippotherapy organized by the specialised association A.I.Cote.

  3. We organize special events, e.g. Western Riding Shows (see news).

  4. Should you like to organize a birthday party or any other special occasions, you can rent our facilities.

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